Faith Foundations by Kristen Ekiss

Faith Foundations

Biblical Goal Setting Workshop

Give Me an Hour

and I will walk you through a simple solution for setting unstoppable goals for your health, your family, and your faith. 

Focusing on less helps you achieve more.

The reason most people fail at their goals is because they try to change too many things at the same time. Have you ever tried to start an exercise program, while sleeping more, giving up sugar, reading your Bible daily, being nicer, drinking more water, and saving money? Phew. 
In Faith Foundations workshop, I will teach you how to create goals that last, using a step-by-step process built with a desire to honor God in the process. 

Eat, Move and Live Better

Let's clear the noise and get laser focused on the goals you want to achieve this year. Whether you want to eat better, exercise consistently, grow your faith, or more; once you complete the Faith Foundations workshop, you will have the tools to start creating your healthier life. 

What's included?

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Meet Your Instructor
4 mins
Workshop Overview & Expectations
Faith Foundations Worksheets
37.8 KB
Preparing Your Heart for Your Goals
9 mins
The What
Outcome Goals
3 mins
Behavior Goals
5 mins
Accountability Partner
Praying Over Your Goals
2 mins
The Why
Know God
9 mins
Find Freedom
8 mins
Discover Purpose
6 mins
Make a Difference
6 mins
Making Your Goals a Reality
Prayer for Your Goals
4 mins
Wrapping Up With Your Worksheets
5 mins

Health, Wholeness & Body Image Coaching.

Kristen Ekiss is a health + fitness coach that teaches busy women how to grow a stronger faith, raise a stronger family, and build a stronger body.