Healthy Meals, Happy Moms by Kristen Ekiss

Healthy Meals, Happy Moms

A bundle of the best resources for moms to feed their families healthy at home. 

Transform Your Family Meal Time

The Healthy Meals, Happy Moms bundle is filled to the brim with fun yet functional resources for you to feed your kids healthier while growing in faith, and learning about food. 

Hey busy mom, I get it.....

Nightly meal time can be stressful and even dreadful if you don't have the right mindset or plan in place. 
Your kids are starving and they just aren't sure if they will survive without food ASAP. 
You are exhausted from a long day, and the last thing you want to do is prepare a gourmet meal. Or at least that's what it feels like if you want to feed your family healthy. 

What if, cooking healthy wasn't so hard? And, what if you transformed dinner prep into a time for making memories with your kids? You can actually spend time with your kids while you're cooking, and grow in God's Word while you're eating. 

This bundle of resources will give you over 100 simple, healthy recipes that both you and your kids will love. Plus, you get Dinnertime Devotions to help you incorporate simple ways to teach your kids about God's Word. 
You get $29 worth of programs for only $15!!! 

What's included?

30 Minute Meals

Your answer to "What's for dinner mom?" 30 meals you can make in 30 minutes or less. 

Dinnertime Devotions

Daily scripture prompts and conversation starters to help your family grow in God's Word. 

Kid Friendly Smoothies

20 delicious smoothie recipes you will love to make (and drink) with your kids. 

Making Memories Meal Plan

Start making memories in the kitchen with 28 healthy recipes you can cook with your kids. 

Snacks On The Go

30 quick and healthy snacks you can make for your kids on the go.